Senator Mike Duffy’s expense records heading to the RCMP

[You can flush this news down the hole right away. It’s the same old story: our “trusted” politicians scamming the taxpayers. What’s Mike Duffy doing in the Senate anyway? According to his record keeping skills, he doesn’t know where he is half the time. For example, he was on vacation in Florida but charged expenses for being in Ottawa.]

Source: The Chronicle Herald, May 29, 2013

OTTAWA — What began as a probe into Senator Mike Duffy’s primary residence has morphed this week into something much more explosive.

The issue now is not just whether Duffy lived most of the time in Prince Edward Island or Ottawa, but that he was allegedly misrepresenting his whereabouts to line his own pockets with taxpayers’ money.

Senate officials took an independent audit completed earlier this month that included Duffy’s cellphone records and used it to cross-reference living expense claims made by Duffy. They were able to pinpoint 49 days when the senator claimed Ottawa living expenses when he was apparently not in the national capital region.


Adam Levine: “I hate this country”

[What do I think of Adam Levine’s remark? Does “celeb” Adam Levine really matter? So he hates America. Is this such a big deal from a Judaic who loves the racist state of Israel more?]

[Borrowed from TV Guide]

Adam Levine is in hot water after he was heard saying, “I hate this country,” on Tuesday’s episode of The Voice.

Levine made the remark after Carson Daly revealed that America had voted to save country music singer Amber Carrington, one of Levine’s contestants. The statement was caught on Levine’s open mic, even though the camera was focused on fellow coach Blake Shelton. (You can hear it at the 1:14 mark in the video below.)

It’s unclear what inspired Levine’s comment, especially since America had chosen to keep one Levine’s singers on the show. Earlier in the evening, however, two of Levine’s other contestants, early frontrunner Judith Hill and soul singer Sarah Simmons, were eliminated. Perhaps he was hoping those contestants would stay longer than Carrington?
The Maroon 5 frontman seemed to try to clarify his comments as a misunderstanding on Twitter Tuesday night. He tweeted the definitions of the words “joke,” “humorless,” “light-hearted” and “misunderstand” all in succession. Levine also issued a follow-up statement on Wednesday. “I obviously love my country very much and my comments last night were made purely out of frustration,” he said. “Being a part of The Voice, I am passionately invested in my team and want to see my artists succeed. Last night’s elimination of Judith and Sarah was confusing and downright emotional for me and my comments were made based on my personal dissatisfaction with the results. I am very connected to my artists and know they have long careers ahead, regardless of their outcome on the show.”

What do you think of Levine’s remark?

Real Hate: Jew Says Wipe Germany Off the Map and Eradicate Germans Worldwide

[Radical Press editor Arthur Topham highlights the originators of world hatred in this fully documented essay, an historical lesson not taught in Canada’s schools.]

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 5.31.19 PM

This dynamic volume [Germany Must Perish!] outlines a comprehensive plan for the extinction of the German nation and the total eradication from the earth, of all her people.”

“It is a definite obligation which the world owes to those who struggled and died against the German yesterday, and to those who are fighting him again today, as it is the bounden duty of the present generation to those yet unborn, to make certain that the vicious fangs of the German serpent shall never strike again. And since the venom of those fangs derives its fatal poison not from within the body, but from the war-soul of the German, nothing else would assure humanity safety and security but that that war-soul be forever expunged, and the diseased carcass which harbors it forever removed from this world. There is no longer any alternative: Germany Must Perish!”
~ Theodore N. Kaufman, Germany Must Perish!, Argyle Press, Newark, New Jersey, 1941

Start your illustrated history lesson here.

Russian Mafia and the Boston Marathon Bombing

[This eye-popping essay will cancel everything you leaned from CNN and FOX News. Guaranteed.]


What does the Judeo-Russian mafia got to do with the Boston Marathon bombing and the planned destruction of Syria and Iran? Read on to find out…

Is America being blackmailed into new Middle East wars on behalf of Israel?

The Russian mafia, known also as the Red Mafiya or the “Red Octopus”, is really the Jewish mafia in disguise.

It has secret links to Mossad, the Rothschild family, the Federal Reserve Bank, and to powerful Jewish organizations such as AIPAC and the ADL. [More here if you are brave enough.]

Avaaz: Supports Terrorism With Online Petitions

[In this devastating short essay, Susanne Posel blows apart the fake humanitarian efforts of Avaaz supports the civil war in Syria and the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine, yet it masquerades as online activism.]


Avaaz has given a “voice” to those who do not want to join in actually protesting injustice in the world, but would rather organize within the comfort of their own home with online petitions that allegedly pressure elected officials are governments; similar to other websites like ResPublica, GetUp! and

Avaaz has become so influential that they were involved in disseminating propaganda with the proxy war in Syria. In fact, Avaaz has been supportive of the manufactured uprising in Syria that has made the Free Syrian Army (FSA) so successful.


And Avaaz is against this fight for freedom. Avaaz’s online petition promised to pressure elected officials in favor of Israeli settlers who were being “discriminated” against by the Palestinian people. The backing of the occupation of Israel in Palestine is foremost to Avaaz.

Read all of it here.

Senator loves parliament of whores

[Canadian Senator Mike Duffy should have followed his own advice and sipped his Scotch quietly. But the great buffoon has made some noise in the parliament of whores, and joins the club of “idiots, rogues and scoundrels.” The Globe & Mail explains further.]

If only Senator Duffy had sipped his Scotch quietly

The Globe and Mail

(Anthony Jenkins/The Globe and Mail)

“This is a place where you’re supposed to sip Scotch quietly and make sure that you don’t cause too much ruckus.”
Mike Duffy on the Senate, speaking to Peter Gzowski in 1985

Mike Duffy made no secret that he longed to be a senator. I could never figure out why. Sitting in the Senate always struck me as joining the living dead: You have to spend a lot of time with largely irrelevant has-beens, listening to stupefying speeches and doing useless committee work.

On the other hand, it’s not a bad living. You get a title. And you get to hang around the clubhouse, pretending you’re a somebody, and to swan around the country being treated as if you matter. Being treated as a somebody may not seem so bad when your career is winding down and the alternative is a not-so-remunerative retirement back in poky PEI. Especially when you get paid for your expenses.

If only he had sipped his Scotch quietly, Mr. Duffy might not be in disgrace today. But he wasn’t interested in that. He was hired to make a noise. Stephen Harper made him a senator in order to to milk his celebrity for all it was worth. Which turned out to be quite a lot. Mr. Duffy (or “Old Duff,” as he liked to call himself) was great at getting out the crowds and extracting money from their wallets. Just weeks after he signed off the air at CTV in 2009, as Canadian Press’s Bruce Cheadle has related, the newly minted senator was shilling for the party at fundraisers from coast to coast. People loved his semi-profane, folksy style. Local media did, too. In small towns across Canada, his appearances – and the witty broadsides he fired at the opposition – were big news.

Well before he left journalism, Mr. Duffy’s personality and appearance had become something of a joke. The Puffster, as people called him not so far behind his back, had an ego commensurate with his girth. (Disclosure: I was on his show from time to time, and we got along quite well.) Of course, it’s easy to get a big head if you have your own TV show, but Mr. Duffy’s head was larger than most. He came to believe that he was more important than most of the people he interviewed. He treated public figures he didn’t like as idiots, rogues and scoundrels. When he caught them offside – fudging, obfuscating, stonewalling, perhaps even forgetting where they lived – he’d tear them limb from limb.

At the same time, Mr. Duffy was the embodiment of the Ottawa insider. And as soon as he joined the other side, it was the media who were idiots, rogues and scoundrels. When a CP reporter asked him how many party fundraisers he’d attended in the past year, he responded in an e-mail: “You are beneath contempt.”

Personally, I think it’s unseemly for former journalists (especially political ones) to sit in the Senate. How can you spend a lifetime criticizing patronage appointments, then take one yourself? Inevitably, it looks like a payoff from the people you were once paid to cover. If journalists want to contribute to political life, they should do it the honest way, by running for office.

Mr. Duffy’s troubles might have gone away after he paid back the $90,000 in housing expenses that he wasn’t entitled to (the rules were confusing, according to him). But now that the $90,000 turns out to have been a friendly gift from Nigel Wright, Stephen Harper’s chief of staff, the Conservatives have a real crisis on their hands.

At the very least, the message to the public is: The insiders take care of their own.

What was Mr. Wright thinking? I can’t imagine. The chief of staff is supposed to insulate the Prime Minister from petty party scandals, not drag him into the deep end. And now, the story is not whether Mike Duffy can survive, but whether Mr. Wright can.

Mr. Duffy’s survival is of no importance. But Nigel Wright is big game indeed. And when you are the PM’s chief of staff, you ought to know that you can’t give money to a Senator who is having audit difficulties, even if you feel awfully sorry for him.

It’s too bad in a way that the focus has switched to Mr. Wright, because there’s a lot more to say about the Senate. The Canadian Senate is like tits on a bull – neither useful nor necessary. But it is a handy way for both major political parties to milk the system. A Senate seat is a sinecure for party hacks and others owed for services rendered. There they can spend their declining years in comfort, and continue to serve their parties’ interests, on the taxpayers’ dime. The Senate is unelected and unaccountable, and you can be sure Mr. Duffy is not the only member who feels entitled to his entitlements.

I actually have a few friends in the Senate. They are nice people and they work hard. So I hope they will forgive me for agreeing with Maclean’s, which argues that the Senate, while once important, serves no real purpose today other than to bring itself into disrepute. If we can’t abolish it (and we can’t), our only option is to render it as irrelevant as possible.