Senator Mike Duffy’s expense records heading to the RCMP

[You can flush this news down the hole right away. It’s the same old story: our “trusted” politicians scamming the taxpayers. What’s Mike Duffy doing in the Senate anyway? According to his record keeping skills, he doesn’t know where he is half the time. For example, he was on vacation in Florida but charged expenses for being in Ottawa.]

Source: The Chronicle Herald, May 29, 2013

OTTAWA — What began as a probe into Senator Mike Duffy’s primary residence has morphed this week into something much more explosive.

The issue now is not just whether Duffy lived most of the time in Prince Edward Island or Ottawa, but that he was allegedly misrepresenting his whereabouts to line his own pockets with taxpayers’ money.

Senate officials took an independent audit completed earlier this month that included Duffy’s cellphone records and used it to cross-reference living expense claims made by Duffy. They were able to pinpoint 49 days when the senator claimed Ottawa living expenses when he was apparently not in the national capital region.


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