Topless Women In New York City

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Ladies of New York, you are free to walk bare-breasted through the city! New York City’s 34,000 police officers have been instructedthat, should they encounter a woman in public who is shirtless but obeying the law, they should not arrest her. This is a good step towards gender parity in public spaces.


Senator Mike Duffy’s expense records heading to the RCMP

[You can flush this news down the hole right away. It’s the same old story: our “trusted” politicians scamming the taxpayers. What’s Mike Duffy doing in the Senate anyway? According to his record keeping skills, he doesn’t know where he is half the time. For example, he was on vacation in Florida but charged expenses for being in Ottawa.]

Source: The Chronicle Herald, May 29, 2013

OTTAWA — What began as a probe into Senator Mike Duffy’s primary residence has morphed this week into something much more explosive.

The issue now is not just whether Duffy lived most of the time in Prince Edward Island or Ottawa, but that he was allegedly misrepresenting his whereabouts to line his own pockets with taxpayers’ money.

Senate officials took an independent audit completed earlier this month that included Duffy’s cellphone records and used it to cross-reference living expense claims made by Duffy. They were able to pinpoint 49 days when the senator claimed Ottawa living expenses when he was apparently not in the national capital region.

Adam Levine: “I hate this country”

[What do I think of Adam Levine’s remark? Does “celeb” Adam Levine really matter? So he hates America. Is this such a big deal from a Judaic who loves the racist state of Israel more?]

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Adam Levine is in hot water after he was heard saying, “I hate this country,” on Tuesday’s episode of The Voice.

Levine made the remark after Carson Daly revealed that America had voted to save country music singer Amber Carrington, one of Levine’s contestants. The statement was caught on Levine’s open mic, even though the camera was focused on fellow coach Blake Shelton. (You can hear it at the 1:14 mark in the video below.)

It’s unclear what inspired Levine’s comment, especially since America had chosen to keep one Levine’s singers on the show. Earlier in the evening, however, two of Levine’s other contestants, early frontrunner Judith Hill and soul singer Sarah Simmons, were eliminated. Perhaps he was hoping those contestants would stay longer than Carrington?
The Maroon 5 frontman seemed to try to clarify his comments as a misunderstanding on Twitter Tuesday night. He tweeted the definitions of the words “joke,” “humorless,” “light-hearted” and “misunderstand” all in succession. Levine also issued a follow-up statement on Wednesday. “I obviously love my country very much and my comments last night were made purely out of frustration,” he said. “Being a part of The Voice, I am passionately invested in my team and want to see my artists succeed. Last night’s elimination of Judith and Sarah was confusing and downright emotional for me and my comments were made based on my personal dissatisfaction with the results. I am very connected to my artists and know they have long careers ahead, regardless of their outcome on the show.”

What do you think of Levine’s remark?